obesity the main cause of female infertility

Since my last blog, I have begun the discussions on infertility that is slowly becoming the
bane of the modern society couples. I had also promised to discuss obesity which is one of
the major causes of infertility as well as the result of this so called modern lifestyle!
One of my female patients, who got married at the age of 30 and had waited for conception
till she attained the age of 35. Before approaching me, she had undergone IVF treatment
despite which she had failed to conceive. When she approached me I also realised that she
not only weighed a huge 110 kg. but was also very obese. It was a serious situation even as
far as her general health was concerned.
I advised her to make changes in her lifestyle. I also advised her to follow a strict regime of
regular timing for meals and a diet with strict restrictions like total absence of sugar, ‘lowcarb-foods, & absence of oil. I also gave her a regimen of regular exercise ,yoga &
Simultaneously, I started her on panchkarma vaman, virechan, basti… all this within the first
3 months of her having approached me. Within these 3 months she lost 15kg.
Simultaneously I started her on medications for improving proper functioning of uterus &
ovaries. This was a holistic 360 degrees approach, that finally helped her conceive within
just those 3 months of treatment. Further, I am happy to tell you that she delivered a healthy
baby and without any complications during the pregnancy!
So you would ask me what was wrong…In her case, all the inter related factors like obesity,
wrong lifestyle, infertility and hormonal disturbance, were holding her in a vicious cycle.
While advances are made in healthcare, modern medicine has eliminated the threat of death and
disability from most of the infectious diseases. However, an all new epidemic called ‘LIFESTYLE
DISEASES’ has emerged very strongly. Obesity is one such result of this lifestyle and one o0f the
causes of infertility.
Ayurveda gives more emphasis on lifestyle and diet, the science suggests lifestyle changes to control
or treat the obesity.
According to the old wisdom of Ayurved following are the causes of obesity:
 Dietary
 Viharatmak (regimens)
 Manasik
Sometime back after my visit to the U.S. I had described the American lifestyle and dietary habits.
You would also know that the Americans are struggling with the problems of obesity especially
among their children. The main culprit in such situations is wrong foods and excess of it too… Pizzas,
pastas, bakery products, excess consumption of sugar, sugary drinks, aerated drinks, French fries and
chips…mainly excess carbohydrates and fried foods!
Add to this food extremism, absolute lack of physical exercise, this new breed of ‘couch potatoes’
are bringing total physical devastation upon themselves.
Similarly, depression, mood swings which are sometimes the result of such inactive life, stress
related depression also effectively contribute to obesity.
Among some of my women patients who are obese, I have also noticed prevalence of menstrual
disorders too! I routinely also advice my patients with weight issues to completely cut down on
especially bakery products.
However, this alone is not adequate. You have to ensure that all the above mentioned 3 aspects
have to be taken care of to avoid weight related and weight resultant medical conditions.
Happy parenthood to you all.

Dr. Manjiri Joshi