panchkarma 3

panchkarma 3

It has been quite a long time since I came to you with a new blog. But sometimes even we doctors get so entangled in certain cases that such involvement affects our entire routine…our entire life…even our wellness… Surprised that doctors also fall ill at times..? yes, they do! And at such points in time what becomes important is the patient’s well being.

I have usually noticed that before visiting the Ayurved practitioner patients try most of the modern medicines for their ailment. In this whole process so much time has elapsed that the ailment has already become chronic in most of the patients.

So, while continuing to write in line of my earlier blogs on Panchkarma, let me continue that in case of such chronic ailments in which toxins need to be dislodged Ayurved recommends ‘Vaman’.

 Vaman implies inducing vomiting. This is a bio-cleansing measure meant for the elimination of mainly the kapha dosha accumulated in the upper gastro intestinal tract (GI tract).

Vaman is highly recommended in cases of:

  • Gastric problems – Acid peptic disorders, indigestion
  •  Respiratory diseases – Cough, & bronchial Asthma
  • Other diseases such as Diabetes, Schizophrenia, Sinusitis, Skin diseases, Tumour, & Filariasis

While most of you are apprehensive about this treatment because someone has told you something, mostly wrong information, Vaman is one very effective treatment has numerous benefits.

My patients often experience lightness in the chest after undergoing the vaman therapy.
I have noticed that patients who undergo vaman therapy manifest  analytical sharpness, improvement in voice quality and experience a healthy appetite. In ancient days vaman was considered the ‘go-to’ treatment to flush out consumed poison or food poisoning which the modern science follows as ‘stomach wash’. Post the vaman treatment the sinuses are cleared thereby providing relief from  congestion, wheezing and breathlessness. Vaman also addresses effectively  weight and cholesterol & triglycerides.

Virechan is yet another treatment that is slapped with myths and misinformation to the extent that most educated people also feel apprehensive and consider panchakarma to be only this and vaman. In fact, like vaman therapy virechan is also yet another gem of a treatment.

Virechan is medicated as well as Ayurvedic purgation healing. it is the purification of the Pitta and the distillation of the blood toxins from the body that are accumulated in the liver as well as gallbladder. It comprehensively washes the gastro-intestinal region. It is a safe process without any side effects. Virechan cleanses the fret glands, small intestine, colon, kidneys, tummy,  liver and spleen. This procedure eradicates doshas that cannot be effectively treated by Vaman. Virechan eliminates the vitiated Doshas through the anal route.

Virechan is highly recommended in cases of:

Gastrointestinal disorders – Constipation, Worm infestation, Jaundice

 Dermatological disorders РEczema, Allergic dermatitis

 Other major conditions РHemiplegia, Chronic fever, Diabetes, Tumour, Bronchial Asthma, Goitre

Conclusively, let me assure you all that these two amazing treatments that I have discussed today are as safe as they are effective. But let me also leave you with a word of caution,” Do not & I repeat do not be a self doctor. It is always best to take the advice of your Ayurved practitioner for any particular treatment.

Dr. Manjiri

Pune, India


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