my visit to Israel

Israel… There is so much more to it than those six alphabets. These six alphabets define a unique
identity, an ethos, an ability to not merely survive every formidable challenge but create superlative
bench marks for the entire world to emulate.
It has been almost six years since I visited this great nation of equally great people and I can’t still get
that OMG feeling out of my heart when I meet people there! Some of them didn’t just move into my
life but landed with a pleasant Bang! Tali, ofra Bar Gil, Mira and Nathan, Anne and Yael to name just
a handful, are people who have become my extended family and the mere thought of meeting them
brings a huge smile on my face… always!
These are some of the most successful professionals in their chosen fields. But what brings them
together to India and binds me in with them is a common love and a huge respect for the oldest
Indian wisdom…AYURVEDA!
This common bond once again saw me winging my way to that fantastic city of Tel Aviv. This time
these friends had organised a week full of packed schedule for me starting with a lecture on ‘Women
In Ayurveda’ at our very own embassy in Tel Aviv.
Today, I begin sharing some of the thoughts that are magnified in my mind which are basically an
outcome of my interactions with senior Ayurved practitioners as well as people in Israel who came
to meet me out of curiosity for Ayurved, while some met me as patients.
When I see the world over, or at least those parts of Europe, U.S. some Asian countries that I have
visited on various personal as well as professional engagements , I realise that while technology has
brought mankind immense luxuries, yet on the other hand, it has also introduced us, especially
women, a great amount of stress, anxiety and has generally jeopardised our emotional, physical well
being too! And the Indian society too is not an exception to these symptoms, although the degrees
may vary.
Take the case of social liberalisation…the concept of boy friend/ girl friend, or of dating, and the
various so called ‘nights’ (am I talking about the prom nights..? I wonder!) or ‘evenings’ that bring
them together in celebratory modes. The results can be quite predictable, isn’t it..?
As an Ayurved practitioner, I have always upheld certain lifestyle rules even beyond the so called
social sensibilities. And especially where women are concerned, my views are absolutely
unwavering. And mind you, it has nothing to do with conservatism. I am always concerned about the
impacts these lifestyles have on the woman’s mind & body! But then, let me explain why…
The ancient Indian scriptures from a thousands of years ago venerated the woman for her
capabilities of creation. The scriptures expound the concept of ‘Prakruti’ and ‘Shakti’ as the primeval
force behind all that is!
The ancient sages handed over their wisdom to the world had understood that the energy that is so
divine and abundant is embodied in the woman… of paramount value in the attainment of all life’s
In the pursuit of life’s objectives, the woman has always been the pivot…creating life, giving
happiness, lending energy and the much needed protection for evolution!
Acharya Sushrut among other ancient sages who are the pillars of Ayurveda also has put up
numerous theories and given special attention to the woman’s health in particular.
We all aware that the life begins from the mother’s womb and naturally reflect in our genes,
metabolism, even our emotional & Psychological state…in short our entire life! We all are primarily
the manifestations of our past generations, their physical & mental traits and have also been
impacted by everything that happened around us right from the moment of our conceptions…the
season of the year, the place with its own special energies, the planetary positions, the state of the
mother’s womb, her mental and physical state of balance. And that is why it is extremely vital to
ensure that the woman in all her stages needs special care.
Ayurveda considers 7 stages of a woman’s physical and emotional life stage separately and
independently. Ayurveda further has also minutely recorded the various rhythms and natural
changes that occur over these stages. These distinctive psychological and physiological features of
women were studied by these ancient sages and a scientifically designed classification was
established roughly grouping these by age.
So, for the next few weeks I shall be presenting to you all those crucial topics that revolve around
the so called fads of the liberal moral values and its psycho-physical impacts on the woman’s mind,
body and spirit.
Till then I would like you all to reflect how calm and serene were the lives of women just a few
generations away in the past. How our grand mothers or their mother lived a ‘complete’ life even
despite the absence of some of the basic comforts.

Dr. Manjiri Joshi